Tuesday, 30 May 2017


By Golden Odey

Are you preparing to step into school; do you know that college defines the kind of person you will be in life? if you do then you should take the right steps and know the company you keep as this will influence your life sooner than you’d expect. Below are the types of persons you should expect to meet in the university/college.

1.   COMPETITORS: These set of people are also known as the “Nerds”. They are often found in the front seats in class. They spend most of their time in school arguing over a just concluded lecture and rating the performance of the lecturer. This group of people could be said to be less sociable as they are always among themselves.  Should I forget to add, these set of students give lecturers hard times in class with their encyclopedic brain-shifting questions.

2.   DISTRACTORS: These set of students are of the opinion that college is a place of 90% fun and 10% of hard work. “Life is too short to kill myself with books” is a popular slogan among these set of people. They attend/ are aware of every social activity going on on/off campus. These set of students have no problems making friends as they are a very sociable set of people. They often fall prey to lecturers as they often miss classes, continuous assessments, and in some occasions, exams!

3.   LESS CONCERNED: These set of students fall into the group known as the Married Women Association (MWA). As the name implies, these are the married women in class who are just after the certificate. These set of people are often lost in class in their thoughts (“What on earth are they thinking of; their babies and husbands perhaps”). They are often found among themselves (they know themselves) and are quite choosy when it comes to making friends.

4.   ARROGANT: This is a very discriminatory set of students. They only make friends with people of their category and could be said to be the most choosy set of people in school. They drive the trending cars; wear exotic make up and fashion designs; carry expensive phones, etc. Most of the students in this category are average performers when it comes to academic work but they are quite fun to be with. If you want to join them, you’ve just got to be like them.

5.   ATHLETES: These group of students comprises the “Messis, Ronaldos, Jose Mourinhos, Usain Bolts, Serena Williams, Sharapovas, Rafael Nadals, and the rest of them in the world of sports. You hardly know the real names of this group of students as they are often named after their role models in sports. These students perform quite poorly in their academic work as they often times dedicate their time to what they obviously prefer; “SPORTS”. “I just want the certificate and I’m out of here”, you’d hear them say.

6.   NEWS CASTERS: These are the most current set of students in class. They carry the latest of news and are always ready to share it with anybody that cares to listen. This group of students is not always in need of friends as they are everywhere and have so many followers on/off social media platforms. They are often among the best in class when it comes to academic activities.

7.   POLITICIANS: College is never complete without these set of people; “Our Future Leaders”. These set of students were born to argue. They argue about the previous, present and future government. These set of students are known to relate everything to politics; “that lecturer speaks like Trump, very authoritative”, “that guy is an Idiamin!”. Lecturers seem to like these guys because they often have like minds.

8.   CLERGY MEN: These are the “holy men and women” of the class. They seem to find a fault in almost anything someone does and never hesitate to correct that person. They are in charge of spiritual activities in school; from revivals to crusades to normal Sunday service. When it comes to manners, I give it to these set of students. They are peaceful, gentle and always ready to help In every possible way they can.

9.   BACK BENCHERS: Some seats in class are left unoccupied because they have owners. These students whether early or not, prefer to seat behind. Permit me to say, but these students often seem to have a high level of inferiority complex. They contribute little or nothing during lectures and are always the first set of persons to leave the class when lectures are over. Academically, they are in most cases average.

10.               LECTURERS: “Lectures after Lectures” you would hear them say. This group of students has made up their minds to pursue a lecturing job after college. You will find them in front of the class when the lecturer is gone, doing the job of a lecturer. This group of persons is sound academically and also loves to get the attention when the opportunity shows up.

Having given the above classification, it is up to you to decide the group you want to belong to. I’d choose wisely if I were you. College is a one time opportunity you should never waste.


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