Wednesday, 31 May 2017


When you wake up in the morning do you have these questions in your mind?
What will I be doing today?
What will my day be like?
What am I supposed to do today?
Did I book any appointments today?
What day is today?
What's today's date?
Funny as some of this questions might be, people really do ask such questions and you might just be one of those persons. However, there are certain steps in which when applied will be of great help to you; saving you the embarrassment of asking yourself funny questions in the morning. Trust me, you do not want to get the morning pissed off! 

PRAYER: Well this works for me; being a very religious person. There is this relaxed feeling you get after committing your day to the hands of the creator. You will really need to be in that state of mind(relaxed) in order to think your way through.  

A PLAN AND A BUDGET: If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail. This is a popular saying which if analysed closely is the truth about life. Those who succeed in life are those who have used their brains effectively, and have spent time putting things to paper. Do you want to succeed today?; Get your writing materials (Pen/Paper), recall the activities of the previous day and then link them to the present. That way, you will be able to create a connection with the activities of the previous day, thereby effectively managing the present. Do you think you will need to spend money today?; After carefully outlining your activities on a paper, you can attach monetary value to those that will call for it. That way, money will not be underspent or overspent. 

EXECUTION OF PLAN: The true test of a successful planner is his/her ability to execute. Don't just plan your day, move out to execute everything you put down. A good plan executioner must be time conscious else he/she will not meet up. Start executing your plans on time to avoid a spill over.

EVALUATION: This is carried out at the end of your day's activities. Where you able to achieve your set goals?; What time-consuming factors affected the execution of your day's plans?; Did your budget run at a deficit or surplus?; What factors affected your budget implementation?; etc. 

MAKE ADJUSTMENTS: The evaluation stage is meant to detect lapses in the implementation of the plan. After this lapses are detected, it is necessary that you make adjustments were necessary. This will help you plan better the following morning. No plan is error-free, hence adjustments are very necessary to achieve a more successful planning.

There is this happiness you get when you not only plan your day's activities, but achieve them. Wish you a successful day.

Golden Odey 

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