Thursday, 8 June 2017


Goshen met me at his place about 30 minutes later. He told me a group of guys had confronted him earlier on asking my where about. “I told them you were still in class and dashed off to look for you the moment they left me” he concluded. We were still talking about the situation at hand when we heard a loud bang at the door! Oh no, could this mean these guys traced me to Goshen’s place; I thought to myself. The banging on the door continued but we kept mute. It was not coming from one person as we could hear several footsteps moving about the corridor. “If you don’t open this door! If you let us come in by force! You will regret it! I could feel the chills run through my spine. Now we were about 5 of us inside the room. “Should I go?” I stammered faintly to the others in the room. Those guys were amazingly too confident (the three other guys in the room aside Goshen). “You are going nowhere!” “They will not dare enter this room!” one of them thundered. This guy’s loud words confirmed to the waiting lions outside that I was actually in. They warned no further; the next thing we heard was a loud BANG! On the door and it was thrown open. Even at that, the guys with me blocked the door, preventing the intruders from getting in. I was already feeling my trousers get wet or should I say “chill”. My protectors did not last long as they were outnumbered. I was dragged out by an angry face to the open compound. Every door within the compound was locked (Who will not lock his/her door in this situation?). Otedo finally stepped into the circle were I was made to kneel. “You think you could embarrass me in front of the school right?; you feel you could go just like that after what you did to me?” he asked. I never replied to any of his questions. I was a mixture of everything at that moment; Scared of what they will do to me, embarrassed at myself for urinating on my trousers and angry at who is making me go through all this. Otedo stepped out of the circle and was saying something to another person in low tone. What really were they planning to do to me?; I was still thinking about this when I saw 3 guys come into the circle with machetes. I cannot remember the feeling that day, but I know it wasn’t certainly a good one. I was lashed countless number of times with heavy machetes. I screamed in pain as the perpetrators did their job to the cheers of other looking members. I have never felt so much pain and anger in my life like the one I felt that day. As if the lashing wasn’t enough; a red hot knife blade was placed on the right part of my chest. They said it will serve as a reminder next time I want to dare the Blue blades. I was left in the middle of the compound weak and bleeding when they were satisfied. I was very angry at this point; the only thing that kept running through my mind was how to pay Otedo back, even though I knew it was a death warrant I was trying to sign.

I opened my eyes to realize that I was on a hospital bed. “You passed out due to excessive loss of blood and have been lying here for the past 13 hours”. That was Goshen. “Guy where you still in that room when those guys were trying to come in?” I asked him faintly. It was then I discovered that Goshen had burst the ceiling open during the whole commotion and slid his way to the roof of the building! This guy is so sharp; but why did I not think of that, I thought to myself. All the same I was glad (weird right?) I had the beating and torment over with. One thing was certain within me; I was not going to let Otedo go free, even if it meant I sign my death warrant!


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