Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Good day readers, this article will focus on some businesses you can do in school and still do very well in your academic pursuit. Even though the primary aim of going to school is to study and make good grades; making passive income is also not a bad idea at all. In fact, students who are into this are the most financially independent set of people in the campus environment. Some people are often scared of venturing into this because they believe it will affect their academic performance negatively. True as this may be, but there are certain businesses one can do as a student that will have little or no impact on their studies. Some of these businesses are explained in details below.

  1. AIRTIME SALES: Over 95% of  students have cell phones; making the demand for airtime inevitable. These recharge card vouchers can be purchased in bulk by a student on-line or offline and sold to his/her fellow students within and outside the learning environment. One good thing about this business is that these vouchers are relatively very light and can be carried from place to place without feeling stressed. Start a recharge card selling business today.
  2. MARKETING: There are certain situations were students are so busy to the extent that getting to the market is always quite a problem. You can take advantage of such scenarios. What are those things you think your colleagues are so in need of but cannot easily have access to?; Is it clothes, shoes, necklaces, light foods (snacks)?; take advantage of these scenarios because they always show up.
  3. TUTORIALS: This is for the intelligent ones of the class. You can gain passive income by teaching your colleagues and possibly those in the lower levels. This is a good means of making extra money as it has little or no impact on your studies but rather develops your intellectual capacity.
  4. HAIR CARE SERVICES: This is a little bit quite extreme but if managed properly will have very little impact on your studies. Students always love to look good and looking good comprises making good hair for the ladies, and having nice hair cuts for the men. Putting up a small shop where you can offer this service to your colleagues would not be a bad idea at all. Like I said before, if managed properly, the impact on your studies is very minimal.
  5. LAUNDRY SERVICES: Every student on campus wears clothes, and this clothes will always need some washing. The very fact that your colleagues know you are into this business will prompt them to always try to patronize you. Though a little bit quite time consuming, if managed properly like the hair care service, impact on studies is also at the barest minimum.
So what are you waiting for?; Start up something today and be happy you did.

Golden Odey  

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