Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Publishing your seminars/research works constitutes a big career boost especially for those in the educational field. If you wish to pursue a career in the educational sector presumably as a lecturer, the number of works you have published goes a long way to improve your job benefits. Do not let those project works you suffered to write go to the library archives to end up being discarded someday, store those works on line by publishing them. The good news is that there are on-line journals for which you can publish these works for free. Looking for where to publish your articles/works at little or no cost? Below is a list of carefully compiled on line journals were you can achieve this fit;

  1. www.ijlst.org
  2. www.ijiras.com
  3. www.elsevier.com
  4. www.omicsonline.org
  5. www.mdpi.com
  6. www.researchpublish.com
  7. www.economist.com
  8. www.frontiersin.org
  9. www.journalijar.com
  10. www.springeropen.com
Save your works, Publish your works. The future might just be in need of them.

Golden Odey

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